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Document Checklist




What documents do I need for the Lender?


Documents checklist

Before unconditional approval can be granted there are several documents that the lender will need to see. Your Nectar broker will tell you exactly what’s needed but here is a guide.


Standard documents needed

Requirements may vary slightly from lender to lender but the following list is fairly standard:

  • Your driver’s licence

  • Passport

  • Bank statements for the last six months

  • Your most recent credit card statement


Proof of income; either:
Two consecutive pay slips showing YTD earnings OR
A letter from your employer confirming your salary, your last Group
Certificate and your last Tax Assessment Notice


Self employed

To verify your proof of income you will most likely need to supply:

  • Latest Tax Assessment Notice AND

  • Personal Income Tax Returns for the last two years AND

  • Tax returns and accounts for the last two years



The lender will want to gauge the value of your property and how much equity you have. They will probably want to see:

  • A copy of all loan statements for the last 12 months AND

  • Proof of ownership e.g. a rates notice


Buying an investment property

The lender will need to assess your rental opportunity. You’ll therefore need to include:

  • A letter from a real estate agent confirming expected rental OR

  • A copy of the current Lease Agreement OR

  • Recent rental statements