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The chill has arrived, and with most Australians using 40 per cent of their energy on heating and cooling, choosing the right solution is the difference between a mini-holiday and an expensive power bill.But with climates chopping and changing across the country, we know choosing the right solution can be tricky.So to make it that little bit easier, we‘ve put together a 4-step guide to keeping your home warm over the coming months.

Step one: Insulate, seal and draw Before going shopping and spending big bucks on heaters, without a tightly sealed home, the warm air will still find a way to escape.
  • Check that your ceiling, wall and floors are insulated.
  • Hunt around your property for drafts, and have them sealed where possible. Doors and windows are a great place to look for these gaps.
  • Draw any north facing curtains during the day to allow winter sun to heat the property.